Señorío de Beade


A Portela is a family winery founded by the González-Vázquez family in 1987, located in the town of Beade, Ourense, within the Denomination of Origin “O Ribeiro“. Since then they have made significant investments and established the winery’s most advanced technology for the production of a white and red wines, taking into account tradition and grape varieties. Currently there are 7 hectares of vineyard property and 20 hectares of individual places. The conditions of soil and climate in the valley of the river Avia are optimal for growing landraces such as Treixadura, Albariño and Loureira between the white and Mencía, and Caíño Sousón between the red wines. The use of these varieties together with the good work in the winery allows the production of wines with personality, characterized by its elegance, freshness and varietal flavor. This has been reflected in the collection, over the years, in numerous surveys of national and international prestige.


The Gonzalez family produce wines from the past, being a pioneer in the recovery of the native varieties in the area.


Wineries with the adventure of winemaking starts facilities are located in the basement of secular Pazos nestled in the village of Beade, in the center of the Ribeiro. The Gonzalez family are pioneers growers in selling their own wines.


Aware of the importance of making quality wines that reflect the personality of the area, starting a firm commitment in the recovery of native varieties, which are grown in the traditional manner and replanted on farms, as other vines are leaving place.


Already with a large area of vineyards of native varieties, today’s society is under new ownership. To start this new phase, are designed and constructed in Beade, new installations of the winery, with the technology necessary for the production of quality wines. Is the new generation will continue the work of his family and concentrate on making wines of local varieties, which primarily are environmentally and tradition. With this philosophy of work, we market the Lordship white and red wines  Sol da Portela, made ​​from varieties that abound in the area and Señorío de Beade made ​​from indigenous varieties, cropping, then, minority and give us a quality difference that customers will soon recognize, and which places the brand Señorío de Beade as the flagship of our cellar.


Work starts modernization of the vineyards with view to the future. The idea is abandoned farms with excess plants to make way for plantations of native varieties trellis that allow machining access, facilitating thus the work of the field. Especially the variety Treixadura although Albariño, Godello, Torrontés and Loureira also plant is grown, recovering latter with a view to future. Only premise is marked as mechanization of works that are not part of the vine. The work on the plant (pruning, tying, Enramá …), continue to be manual, not to diminish the qualities of the fruit.


Born Beade Primacía, a single-Treixadura, reflecting evidence of high levels of quality that can be achieved from indigenous grapes. Wine, rich in nuances, expresses the care taken by the Gonzalez family in the care of their vines, and the entire process from vintage to its release. Soon he is recognized as one of the best Galician white wines, and one of the best in Spain in numerous national and international competitions.


Retrieving the Tradition area Ribeiro, born Passum, the first wine produced in Galicia Tan. Vino result of innovation and the memories of our ancestors. It is made from the grape variety Treixadura, sun-dried naturally. The first production started in 1990 and this wine remained in oak barrels for 4 years before its release. Wine laborious and low production, has continued every year due to wet weather in our area that does not allow proper raisining grape, significantly undermine the quality of the resulting wine. To date only two crops enabled their production, 1990 and 2004.


We developed our wine Beade 25 Autor wine made with 100% Loureira variety, from our vines planted 25 years ago. Only wine in the area, introduced in 2014, completes the family firm commitment by the native varieties of Galicia, and work to offer consumers new and innovative products. It is produced in a limited edition of 1025 bottles in the first year to commemorate the 25 year history of the wines from our cellar.